City Hub Groups are led by people who are passionate about revival in our city! Groups meet each week around the city, at different times.


Sparks Group

Tuesdays // 7PM

Now meeting at the church twice a month! Join Bruce and Sharon Hugill for discussions on the Holy Spirit, Intercession, and more! Bruce and Sharon have been in the ministry for more than thirty years and love God’s presence! For more information, contact Bruce or Sharon through email by clicking the button below.


North Reno Group

Tuesdays // 6PM

Join Scott and Darla Coleman on a journey of discovering your identity! Scott and Darla are powerful and anointed leaders who are passionate about bringing freedom from past wounds: family, church, others; so we can grow in joy and grace as beloved children of The Father, redeemed by Jesus and live in fellowship with Holy Spirit and all people. For more information, contact Scott through email by clicking the button below.


Flourish - Women’s Ministry

Join Pastor Sue Ellis and Abigail Dickens once a month for an awesome gathering of ladies from all over the city to be encouraged in the area of love and communication. There is a potluck, worship, and great fellowship at every event! For more information, contact Sue through email by clicking the button below.


Inspired! - Young Adults

Inspired Young Adults gather at the church to worship, read scripture, and fellowship with God and each other. Come and join us for the presence of the Holy Spirit. For more information, contact Robin through email by clicking the button below.